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All lumber and live edge material sourced is of nothing but the highest quality available. Having started with reclaimed wood, I strive to leave little or no waste in the design of my product line. At Rustic by Nicho, we try to focus on sustainability and our ecological concerns of leaving behind a ‘Better Earth’ for the future. Even though lumber or timber may be obtained from different parts of the World, we work only with top quality local sources here in Central Texas. I will only put my name and reputation on finished products of the best quality possible. My woodwork is not only a form of art, but I strive to be unique. We stand behind every item we sell and thank you for your support.

‘Nicho’ Naugle

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Wonderful Christmas Gifts—Kept one for us!

Stephanie and Jim

Love my Lazy Susan —Absolutely Beautiful


Bought a Live Edge Table and Lazy Susan — Incredible Work


Can’t believe Nicho tried to charge me for a dog dish - Have not even received a paycheck yet.


Bought two beautifully finished lazy Susans—thank you Nicho


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