Welcome and thank you for your time. This is a brief story of how Rustic by Nicho began!
At an early age, I had a great interest in putting things together. From completing 2,000 piece puzzles, 10,000+ piece Lego sets, car kits or playing scrabble and chess with my parents, I always loved a challenge. My parents initially bought me a glue gun and Popsicle sticks, then I graduated to a soldering gun for electrical and mechanical sets, to finally a Dremel set that I used extensively to fabricate different projects around my home or for school. I eventually worked with a couple of my school friends to find remnants of different products lying around one summer to build a fort for the neighborhood kids.
One day, I was walking around the neighborhood and saw all of the miscellaneous wood scraps, pallets and natural woods just going to waste and rotting. Taking some pieces home and doing some basic preparation I requested to use some of my dad’s tools without asking of course (LOL) and decided to start making some items that came into my mind. My mom has the ‘creative tendencies’ in our family and once she saw me working on a project, she would add her ‘flare’ or thoughts to what I was doing.
But the ‘ah-ha’ moment was when Dad heard me banging nails in the garage and could not handle the noise anymore. He showed me how to use a brad nail gun and at that point, it was off to the races for me. Since that time, my parents have taken me on field trips to local mills and woodworking places around Central Texas as well as providing educational classes on woodworking for my benefit
A week after learning some basic woodworking skills, I sold my first piece on the Letgo App in Austin, Texas.  My Dad drove me to the location and watched as I negotiated the sale.
My father – being an astute salesman by trade – was impressed. From that point on, I have had his total support.
My younger brother, Daniel, is here to assist me as well. He has been in charge of sanding, as my parents will not allow him to use serious power tools at this point.

A couple of weeks later I sold my first large project on Craigslist —“Rustic Coffee Table”. The buyer came to pick up the project and was extremely impressed by the quality and workmanship. My Mom is head of quality control and helps supervise the final phases projects like the coffee table.
All of this has happened before turning 13. I have now convinced my parents, grandparents and other family members to support me in this venture. My goal is to build something lasting, environmentally friendly and sustainable, and unique!
I hope to have something to pass on to my brother in the future. My personal goal is not to only learn skills necessary to run or operate a business in the future and enhance my woodworking skill set but to continue on with higher education. My personal goal is to either get an advanced degree in Mathematics, Engineering or quite possibly the medical field.
Not only is it important to be a productive member of society, but we must also give back. A minimum of 10% of the monthly profit will be donated. Please check out the section on giving back for details on how we like to give back to our community and others. If you so desire to help in my higher education goals, please feel free to click on the college education button, which will direct you to my  ‘Go Fund Me Page’ that has been set up to help with my higher education.
Thank you for taking the time to visit my website, learn my story, and possibly purchasing a quality product. I would appreciate it if you would  ‘tell a friend’ or share your experience on social media (like Facebook, Pinterest, Houzz or any of the other way possible.)
Please feel free to contact me at sales@rusticbynicho.com for any specific projects, questions or concerns. My parents have taught me only to accept 100% satisfaction so feel free to direct questions or concerns my way and I will always respond.

Sincerely Yours,


Founder of Rustic by Nicho.

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